How to Keep Connected with Your Pet While You’re at Work

 Are you going back to work in person again? If so, how do you ensure that your pet is taken care of while you’re away? Smart pet products remove all your concerns and allow you to connect with your pet while not at home.

A white cat eating its food from a white pet dish. The dish and the cat is on a wooden floor.


If you spend a long time at work and out of the house, you’re going to want to make sure your pet has enough to eat throughout the day. Lentek’s Programmable Five Meal Pet Dish can help with that. Use this dish to electronically schedule your pet’s meals. Fill the different compartments with either dry or wet pet food and use the digital timer to set up when they open. The five different compartments allow you to give your pet all their favorite foods exactly when they need it.

 A pug is sitting in front of a white pet dish on top of a white counter. The pet dish has five compartments filled with pet food. Above the pug's head are circular pictures showing the different types of wet and dry food that can be put into the dish.

Worried about your pet overeating while you’re away? This pet bowl is great for portion control! Lentek’s Programmable Pet Dish manages your pet’s weight by automatically dispensing small meals on a timed schedule throughout the day. The twist-and-lock lid feature ensures that overeating doesn’t occur, keeping your pet healthy.

Monitoring Your Pet’s Behavior

You no longer need to be unsure of how your pet behaves when you’re not home using Lentek’s Smart Pet Feeder with HD Video and 2-Way Audio. This pet feeder has a built-in 720-pixel, HD camera allowing you to watch over and monitor your pet. If your pet does something funny, press record to capture pictures and videos to share with others. This pet feeder is smartphone controlled making it easy to utilize away from home. Download the free PetU app compatible with an iPhone or Android smartphone and use Wi-Fi to connect to your feeder so you can feed, monitor, and communicate with your pet from afar.

 A hand holding a phone with an image of a pug sitting down on it. Behind the hand with the phone is the white pet feeder with food in it.

The Lentek Smart Pet Feeder gives you the ability to watch over your pet making sure they are behaving properly. With the camera and microphone feature, you are capable of monitoring your pet and speaking with them whenever needed.

Speaking and Playing with Your Pet

Easily speak and play with your pet while not home using Lentek’s Smart Pet Treat Tosser with HD Video and 2-Way Audio. This treat tosser allows you to give your pet treats remotely making playtime possible from a distance. Just put the treats in the container and launch them with the click of a button. Your pet will love being able to play and catch treats from the thrower. Connect your phone to the Treat Tosser using the PetU app to access this feature from wherever you are or use the Treat Tosser manually when you are home.

A dog is standing on a dog bed in a bedroom. On a table next to the bed, a treat tosser is tossing a treat to the dog. The treat is flying through the air towards the dog.

Utilize the video and audio feature to watch and congratulate your pet when they have successfully caught their treat. Record the moment they catch the treat and post it to social media to show off to your friends. Use the 2-way audio feature to speak with your pet whenever you want to let them know you haven’t forgotten about them, and to keep them company from a distance.

Two cats and two dogs of different breeds and sizes have their heads peaking over a white counter to look at a pet feeder. In the pet feeder is 5 compartments with different types of wet and dry pet food inside it.

Whether you own a cat, dog, or any other type of pet, there is a smart pet product for you. Removing the stress of leaving your pet at home alone while you are at work, these products keep you connected with your pet no matter how far away you are.